EP. 36 – “A Scaremas Carol”

The spirit of a little drummer boy, who may or may not be a Beatles impersonator, takes Hibbs to the Christmas past, present and future to show him how his lack of Christmas spirit could destroy the scary story society once and for all. Special Guest Cameo: Santa Claus http://www.aysots.com http://www.teespring.com/aysots Facebook: bit.ly/2Ckstrr Twitter: bit.ly/2gYIIpr … More EP. 36 – “A Scaremas Carol”

EP. 34 – “It’s All a Bunch of Fluckus Puckus”

After a long debate, the members of the scary storytellers society explore an old cabin in the woods once belonging to three evil witches from the 1600’s known as the Anderson sisters. They accidently light a magical candle that brings the Anderson sisters back to life. It’s just like the movie Hocus Pocus only the … More EP. 34 – “It’s All a Bunch of Fluckus Puckus”

EP. 32 – The Tale of Country Rat and City Rat

Absolute power corrupts absolutely in this sexual and violent avant-garde retelling of The Prince and the Pauper. In this bold and daring reimagining of the Mark Twain and Disney classic, the Scary Storytellers weave an intricate plot filled with thrilling twists and turns as a poor, simple minded country rat goes mad with power after … More EP. 32 – The Tale of Country Rat and City Rat