EP. 22 – Plucky the Sailer Boy Doll

The scary storytellers band together to honor their dead friend only to discover his spirit has possessed Plucky the Sailor doll. Unlike Chucky from Child’s Play, Plucky the sailor boy is the only doll who’s “a true shipmen of the navy” and dances to clam digs in little wooden booties. If the scary storytellers can’t get their friend’s soul back into his body by midnight, he’ll be trapped inside Plucky forever. Standing between them and their friend’s freshly buried corpse are Nigerian witchdoctors, a reality TV star, teenagers with a talking chimp, and a gay demon toymaker who wrote the book on trapping spirits in doll boys.

Where to download the podcast:

twitter: @aysots
instagram: AYSOTS

itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/are-you-scared-these-stories/id1059640032?mt=2



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