EP. 24 – “Prank Phone Calling People Sent Me To Guantanamo Bay”

For the most heinous of prank phone call offenses, criminals against the American way of life who commit these phone related acts of terror are sent to a black site used by the F.C.C.’s Special Anti-Prank Phone Call Enforcement Squad (S.A.P.P.C.E.S.) located beneath sunny Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where officers acting on behalf of the United States government enact brutal corporal and psychological punishment. The Scary Storytellers prank a fellow member who turns them into S.A.P.P.C.E.S. and all three are sent to this secret underground military detention center/torture camp where they’re subjected to water boarding and relentless depants-ing all while forced to listen to David Lee Roth. Special Guest: Nazi scientist and human torture enthusiast Dr. Death.

twitter: @aysots
instagram: AYSOTS
itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/…/are-you-scared-the…/id1059640032…

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