EP 46 – Y2K Netrix Revolutions

The xum revolution has already been written in the code within the stars! The final upload is upon us! Are you prepared for what’s to xum?

Like sh*t down the throat, the Y2K virus chokes the life out of the Netrix universe destroying the digital realities around the Scary Storyteller Boys as they desperately try to get back to the real world…but did the real world even exist in the first place, or is it all just one long, humiliating, wet dream created by horny robots?

Prepare yourselves for the mind-melting “xumtastic” conclusion to the unnecessary Netrix trilogy, where humanity’s true purpose for being enslaved inside the Netrix is revealed, a revelation that links the fate of “the one” with the fate of the Netrix as it rests on the brink of total destruction.

Special Guests: Larry Fish, Joey Pantelone, and Bill Gaits aka “The Fat Cat Billy G”

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